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I Am Donald
10 Things I Noticed at The ‘IAMDonald’ Tour

by Cas Ruffin on Dec 13th, 2010

Donald Glover, also known as Childish Gambino, Troy from Community, and former writer for 30 Rock, performed to a sold-out crowd at the hipster haven, Slim’s in San Francisco. He gave us a mix of his stand-up comedy and then followed it up with a concert of his hip-hop songs that have been making its rounds on the internet. Here are ten things I took note of at the show.

1. The doors opened at 8. But the show didn’t start until a little past 9. It ended at around 10:30. This was a clever trick by Glover to make us feel like the show was 2 hours long when it was only 1 and some change. Good move, Glover.

2. The show started off with a flashy montage of words that translated to


3. I was afraid that he was going to use the jokes he told in his Comedy Central Presents.. special, but thankfully, he didn’t. In fact, he even spoke about that special during his stand-up. Basically, his humor is based on a lot of dirty, offensive jokes. A Comedy Central representative saw him do a show in New York and suggested that he do a Comedy Central special WITHOUT all of the offensiveness and dirt. And that’s why those jokes weren’t as funny as it could be.

4. Some of Glover’s jokes carry over simply because Glover has an enormous amount of energy and charisma, even though the joke is slightly forced. Another comedian who can do this is Katt Williams.

5. Donald Glover talked about the Donald4Spiderman campaign that happened earlier this year. It’s funny how the whole world can get crazy if someone brings up the idea of a black Spiderman. He’s also used this subject as material for song lines. Donald Glover also points out that Shaft is just a Black guy, not some sort of superhero.

6. Glover told a joke that involved the word, “Jigga.” Someone shouted out “HOV!” immediately after he said the word. Glover laughed and said, “Thank you! I was afraid that people wouldn’t know who THE BIGGEST RAPPER OF ALL TIME was.”

7. Glover faked receiving a phone call to introduce a video skit that would begin the rapping portion of the show. It involves future Donald warning present Donald what happens a comedian tries to pursue rap. Then he plays a recording (from the future) of “Kanye West” trying to do stand-up.

8. Donald Glover’s first song was Be Alone, which is the first song off of his upcoming EP. I’m pretty sure a lot of the crowd didn’t know that.

9. Donald Glover’s fans are MORE hipster than Drake fans could ever be. Speaking of comparisons to Drake, Donald Glover knows how to ACT like a rapper more than Drake does. He doesn’t use silly facial expressions to convey swagger. Donald Glover, or Childish Gambino, says thanks after every song.

10. While Glover had immense energy during his stand-up, he had even more energy for his concert. His ability to switch gears from funny man to thoughtful musician is nothing short of amazing.

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