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The ‘Morgan Freeman Is Dead’ Tweets Had Me Rolling

by Cas Ruffin on Dec 17th, 2010

Let me be clear. The thought of Morgan Freeman being dead is not funny to me. But the fact that CNN reported on his death and then acted like it never happened is hilarious. The rumor was cleared up by his PR people, but this is one of those stories that anyone can share at a campfire.

“Hey, isn’t Morgan Freeman dead?”
“Well I hope he… ::sunglasses:: filled out his bucket list.” YEEEEEAAAAAAAAHHHH

Anyways, here’s the details.

“Breaking News: actor Morgan Freeman has passed away in his Burbank home.” That was the tweet sent from @CNN earlier this afternoon, one that was quickly refuted. “Not true,” said Morgan’s rep to our sister site Hollywood Life. “His production partner Lori McCreary is speaking to him now as I type.” Phew! For its part, CNN is taking this mistake in stride; first they deleted the offending tweet, and then wrote this: “CNN did not report Morgan Freeman death. Rumor is false. CNN will aggressively investigate this hoax.” Er, good call. [Hollywood Life via Movieline]

For the record, as talented an actor as I find Morgan Freeman, I think his relationship with his granddaughter is super creepy. Tiger Woods cheating becomes a national scandal, but Morgan Freeman shacking up with his step-granddaughter is cool? Ok, media.

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