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Our Creeper Moment of The Moment – William H. Macy Will Knock Boots With The Kid He Babysat

by Cas Ruffin on Jan 3rd, 2011

In a turn for the weird, William H. Macy has revealed that he used to babysit Joan Cusack, his costar in Shameless. And now they’re going to bump uglies onscreen for the Showtime series. Poor Joan, it’s bad enough that you have a creepy guy hovering over you. But now you have to do it with someone you’re basically related to.

Talking with the Los Angeles Times, William H. Macy explained his new Showtime series, Shameless, and his character Frank Gallagher, a drunk layabout who is nonetheless charming. Macy casually reveals that he used to babysit a young Joan Cusack back in his Chicago theater days, and Cusack now plays his love interest. If it’s anything like the British series, their sex scenes will be extraordinarily explicit ( pegging ahoy!), but knowing that Macy used to watch Cusack in her pigtails and ribbons phase adds an extra layer of creepiness. [LAT]

[via Movieline]

But props to William H. Macy for fully committing to his lolita fetish. It’s not jailbait but it’s close enough.

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